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Shri   Arvind Kejriwal                                        Strictly Confidential

Honble   Trustee


New Delhi                                                                            5 July  2012



 Sub: How Dr Manmohan Singh PM  & Mr. P Chidambaram HM worked closely with Mr. J.K.Triparthy Commissioner of Police Chennai to get me killed in a fake encounter which involved the five Bihari Youth involved in the two bank robberies in Chennai


Respected Sir,

                          If you thought that the job of the Commissioner of Police is to maintain law &order in the city, and then I advise you to think again .Apart from committing some of the most brutal crimes in the city, Mr. J K Triparthy Com.Of Police Chennai has a secret brutal passion, that is to rob banks .


If you are surprised, as I am sure you would be, then here are the facts that will shock the nation to silence.


It is a fact that Dr Manmohan Singh PM, Mr Pranab Mukherjee FM,Mr Ahmed Patel ,Mr. Robert Vadra & Mr M.K.Karunanidhi Fmr CM of Tamilnadu made several recent attempts to get Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and her children killed in staged terror attacks .The first being before the 2009 elections.When I exposed this attempt which was being coordinated by Mr M.K.Narayanan Fmr NSA & Mr. Rajinder Vadra .Dr Manmohan Singh & Chidambaram panicked and sent senior IB /RAW officials who strangulated and killed Mr Rajinder Vadra .Sheila Dixit CM who was involved in the plan to get Sonia Gandhi killed asked Delhi CP to make out a case of suicide and close the case. Since then Dr Manmohan Singh PM & Chidambaram have made three attempts to kill Sonia Gandhi and two earlier attempts to kill Dr J Jayalaithaa TN CM .They then killed Dr YSR Reddy AP CM & later killed Mr Dorge Kandu Fmr Arunachal CM in a similar manner .


DR Manmohan Singh PM & Chidambaram joined hands with the blood thirsty CPI(M) leaders in west Bengal and harassed me day and night making my life miserable .My letters were stolen by local police /IB and replaced with clever fakes .Chidambaram sent IB /Police officials to my residence first to try and bribe me ,when I refused their overtures to get me killed and even fake my suicide . I appealed to President Pratibha Patel but I got no respite since PM& HM were themselves involved.

They then killed my mother Smt Hepzibah Kadakshamn on 6 Nov 2010 in the most cruel way.I have informed Smt Archana Ramasundaram Fmr ADGP CBCID of this .


Since I had valid evidence about their plans to kill Dr J Jayalalithaa CM TN & Smt Sonia Gandhi ,they were afraid that I might expose them and decided to get me killed .I approached Amnesty International and then Dr Kiran Bedi  Chairperson IVF.


It was during this period that Dr Manmohan Singh PM  & Chidambaram decided to get Rahul Gandhi kidnapped and killed with the help of terrorists dressed as Anna Hazare Supporters. Also involved in this kidnap plan was noted religious Conman Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. During this time the IB opened several of my letters to several important people and advised PM  & HM against killing Mr. Rahul Gandhi.


I wrote to Senior Anna team member Dr Kiran Bedi with regards to my problems & the plan to have Rahul Gandhi kidnapped and killed. The local police /IB removed all my letters which I sent Dr Kiran Bedi on 11/11/11 and replaced them with clever fakes. Dr Manmohan Singh,Pranab & Chidambaram the tried to get Dr Kiran Bedi killed by sabotaging her plane on 13 /11/11 .Then they  tried to kill Anna Hazare ,Arvind Kejriwal & Dr Kiran Bedi killed on 29 Dec 2011 at Mumbai during the fast .


When I contacted the United Nations Office in New Delhi with my problems, once again the IB & Chennai Police removed &stole all my letters & my subsequent faxes. They then passed on these letters to Dr Manmohan Singh Pm & Chidambaram HM and informed him that I intended to travel to Delhi in Jan to meet Dr Kiran Bedi & other UN officials.


This drove Dr Manmohan Singh PM & Chidambaram HM in a panic mode .Scared that if I get to meet Dr Kiran Bedi or the UN offitials then they would all end up in Jail .Dr Manmohan Singh PM ,Pranab ,Karunanidhi & Mr P Chidambaram HM then discussed the matter with Chennai Police Commisioner Mr J.K.Triparthy and asked him to get me killed in a Fake encounter, to stop me from coming to Delhi.


In order to get me killed in a Fake Encounter , Mr J.K.Triparthy Chennai Police Chief & Mt Asoke Patnaik IPS ( PMs Son-in-law ) then mobilized a group of Bihari Youth to commit bank robberies in Chennai .They would then ask the bank robbers to travel in the same train as me on 18 feb 2012 .These robbers were shown my photo and told to kill me and then place fake letters, some cash & a gun in my luggage and then alert them .What the robbers did not know was that in another coach in the same train was travelling senior IB officials sent by Mr Ashoke Patnaik IPS & Chennai Police .The moment they get the message from the robbers that I had been killed and the fake materials placed in my bag ,they would rush in and shoot all the robbers dead in the moving train ,then offload our bodies in the next station .


On 19 Feb 2012 morning Mr J.K.Triparthy Chennai Police Chief & Mr Ashoke Patnaik IPS under the orders of Dr Manmohan Singh PM & Chidambaram HM were planning to get Dr J Jayalalithaaa Chennai CM assassinated at the Royapettah YMCA grounds  by blowing her body to pieces with the help of a suicide bomber whom they had arranged .


Soon after Mr. J K Triparthy would call a press conference announcing that his team along with Delhi Police had secretly got a tip that the bank robbers were proceeding to Delhi to commit a bank robbery there  and decided to follow them .However in the train there was a shootout and the police were forced to move in and kill all the robbers .to protect the other passengers . After confirming the gruesome killing of Dr J Jayalalithaa at the Royapettah YMCA grounds ,he would further add that  after searching the bags of all the robbers ,they found leads that  confirm that the robbers with linked to the Killing of Dr J Jayalalithaa TN CM . After confirming that Dr J Jayalalithaa was killed by a suicide bomber of leftover LTTE Cadre in the state .He would also say that the LTTE planned to take revenge on India by killing targeting its leaders To fund their operations they had linked with  these five robbers who were robbing banks to provide financial muscle to LTTEs India operation . He would then say that materials found in our bags confirmed that apart from Dr J Jayalalithaa other targets were Dr Manmohan Singh,Mr M.K.karunanidhi, Sonia Gandhi, Mr Pranab Mukherjee & P Chidambaram. However by killing all the robbers, Mr J.K.triparthy would explain that they not only blew open the racket but also saved the life’s of other leaders.


Both Dr Manmohan  Singh PM & Pranab Mukherjee would then hold press conferances were they would thank the Intelligence Agencies timely action that saved the lifes of several national leaders .Dr Manmohan Singh PM while exprressing shock at the killing of Dr J Jayalaithaa would praise the work done by the Chennai Police & IB


The media which has already been bribed by Chidambaram would carry the lies of Mr. J.K.Triparthy to the four corners of India, and the gullible people of India would look upon Mr. J K Triparthy with admiration in their eyes .Both Mr J.K.Triparthy & Mr Ashoke Patnaik IPS would then become national heroes and with the passage of time ,President Pratibha would have chosen them for the Padma Shri awards .


Alas all criminal Ideas don’t go according to plan, and this one failed too.


For the sake of investigation and to make it simple for you, I have tabulated all the points that will help you to know the sequence of events that finally helped me expose Mr J.K.Triparthy and the dirty criminals behind his silly action.



1)    Both the bank robberies in Chennai i.e. The Bank Of Baroda on 23 /1/12 & the one at IOB on 20 Feb 2012 were conceived and coordinated by Mr J.K.Triparthy Com.Of.Police Chennai & Mr Asoke Patnaik IPS ( PMs Son-in-law) .

2)   They were acting at the behest of Dr Manmohan Singh PM ,Chidambaram HM ,Pranab Mukherjee FM & Mr M.K.Karunanidhi Fmr TN CM .Who wanted to create a backdrop to get me killed in a fake encounter while I was to travel to Delhi on 17 Feb 2012

3)   DR Manmohan Singh PM ,Mr P Chidambaram HM & Mr M.K.Karunanidhi knew the exact time & date of both bank robberies as it was his Son-in-law Mr Ashoke Patnaik IPS who was coordinating with Mr J.K.triparthy both the bank Robberies .

4)   In order to rob both banks .Mr J.K.Triparthy Chennai Police Commissioner mobilized a team of Five Bihari Youth .In putting together this team he was assisted by senior IB/RAW officials from Delhi who also gave his men feedback that two had previous crime records . It is a fact that none of the five Bihari Youth had wanted to rob banks but were forced against their wishes and threatened by J.K.triparthy”s men to rob the banks or else they would place false cases against them and put them in Jail .

5)   The Chennai Police did provide these five Bihari Youth weth Phone SIMS & Toy Guns apart from Country Made pistols. An important point is that the robbers did not have nor did they know how to use sophisticated weapons.

6)   The Five Bihari Youth were in constant touch with the Chennai Police who would give hourly feedbacks to Mr J.K.Triparthy who would then inform Dr Manmohan Singh & Mr. P Chidambaram.  The Chennai Police gave these Robbers training for several days on how to threaten the bank staff and even held rehearsals to ensure that nothing went wrong on the final day.

7)   The Banks that were slotted to be robbed was chosen by Mr J,K.Triparthy Police Chief and Asoke Patnaik IPS in consultation with Mr P Chidambaram .The Chennai police knew were the five Robbers were stayting and several Police in plainclothes were around their house to tag their movements .

8)   The first Bank Robbery was on 23 Feb 2012 at the Bank of Baroda and after the robbery was executed by the five Bihari Youths the 19 lakhs stolen was handed over to Mr J.K.Triparthy within hours. The robbers were then given all the items to place in my bag after killing me and told to lie low. I was to travel to Delhi on 29 Jan 12 .The police had booked these robbers on the same train .I then postponed my trip to 17 Feb 2012.

9)   Police /IB found I had postponed my trip and decided to plan more robberies in the state .Knowing that the police would try to kill me,I wrote several letters to Dr Kiran Bedi ,Amnesty International & UN In Delhi .In all around 15 letters .Chennai Police/IB  officials following me stole all these letters as they did not want me to alert anyone of their plan to assassinate Dr J Jayalalithaa on 19/2/12 .

10)  I then cancelled my trip to Delhi on 17/11/12 .Sensing that  I will surely travel at a later date .J.K.Tripasrthy then asked the robbers to commit another bank robbery that of IOB  on 20 Feb. 2012 .Here also the entire 14 lakhs stolen  was handed over to Mr J.K.Triparhy Com Of Police .I then emailed CBI and Dr Kiran Bedi telling them of the plans of Chennai police to get me killed and also kill Dr J Jayalalithaa TN CM.

11)Com Of Police Mr J.K.Triparthy & Mr Ashoke Patnaik IPS then realize they can neither kill me nor can they kill Dr J Jayalaithaa TN CM. They inform Dr Manmohan Singh PM & Mr. P Chidambaram HM who immediatekly panic and send word to Mr. J K Triparthy to immediately kill all the five Robbers or they may leak out the details to outsiders .

12) Chennai Police Commissioner Mr. J.K.Triparthy then asked  his men to retrieve all the items they gave the robbers  which were to be placed inside my bag after killing me on 18 Feb. 2012 .Senior Chennai police officials immediately speak to  the five bank robbers and ask them to return the SIMS & other fake letters to be placed in my bag .The Five Bihari Youth led by Sujay Ray become very suspicious as two of them cab read English and have read the fake letters .They refuse to hand back the letters & SIMs as it is with one of their friends who is out of town they tell the police .This they do to buy time as they feel that if they hand over the items the police will kill them .They decide to flee the city quietly on 23 Feb 2012 morning .

13) Sensing that the Robbers have called their bluff Chennai Police Chief J.K.Triparhy moves quickly .On 22 Feb 2012 with the help of his friends in the media he releases the photo of Sujay Ray the leader of the gang .This is done to set the stage to kill the robbers .As the people in Chennai would be fooled into thinking the Chennai Police were seeking the help of the public to nab the robbers .When in reality they always knew were the robbers were staying .

14)ON 22 Feb 2012 Night  the Police Cordoned off the area and asked the residents not to come out .They then told the robbers over phone that this was a routine check and they had nothing to worry .So the robbers felt safe . After searching the area to fool the residents in the area .The police officers then made some announcements over the loudspeaker in Hindi just to fool the residents of the area. around midnight ,the police slowly asked the robbers to let them in .Since the five Bihari Youth knew the Police Officials well ,they didn’t suspect anything and readily let them in .Once e inside the 14 Police Officers tortured each of the five bihari youth in unmentionable ways ,to find out if they had discussed the matter with anyone regarding the orders to get me killed or the items they were to place in my bag .The torture carried on for more than an hour .When the Police officials  were satisfied they had not leaked out their evil secrets ,they shot each of the five bihari youth in point blank range .

15) After killing the five Bihari Youth in the most cruel cold blooded fashion against all human rights laws, the police then removed all the SIMS,Toy Guns ,other fake documents ,then they placed the 14 Lakhs and sophisticated Guns mainly to fool the public .They then fired a few rounds and even at their own officers in order to cheat and hoodwink the public  into thinking a gun battle had taken place .’

16) After having cleaned or destroyed vital evidence, under strict orders from J.K.Triparthy who was awake during the entire operation ordered his men only to let in Media persons close to him at 5.30 in the morning .That too only for a few minutes .Then he ordered the house to be sealed and guards posted outside .Even after a week no one ,not even Human Rights groups and organizations were allowed inside the house ,for fear that the truth might be out .

17)The next day the Police Commissioner Mr. J.K.Triparthy Called a press Conference were he told a bunch of lies to fool the public .There was no gun fight at call .All the five bihari youth were killed in cold blood against all human rights laws .

18) Meanwhile Dr Manmohan Singh PM & Mr P Chidambaram HM moved quickly and used their contacts with the TV Channels & Print media to suppress the facts and hush up what will soon become one of biggest shame in Indian democracy .On how Criminals like Manmohan Singh & P Chidambaram will use their money power to snuff out the voices  of those who expose them .


The greatest tragedy of Independent India is that we don’t have clean Media .In India the TV & Print Media is easily managed by the perpetrators of these dastardly acts such as Manmohan Singh PM & Chidambaram HM .This is what happens when money and power falls into the hands of Criminals like Manmohan Singh & Cheats like P Chidambaram .

Since this affects every Indian .I feel the banking fraternity must come together and act unitidily in order to expose the real people who not only committed both bank robberies but also brutally killed the five bihari Youth who they had forced to commit these robberies.

I am willing to come forward to help in the investigations if the need arises .Please do not send your reply by post as the Chennai Police are stealing my letters .All supporting documents are enclosed


Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,



Kamalesh Kadaksham

Leith Home, Royapettah

No 8 Mayor Sivaranjan Street

Chennai 600014,

CC- Amnesty International /United Nations